Printable Lock Pick Templates

The original "collection of pick templates" threads on are littered with dead links and annoying photobucket .webps that are blurred unless you have an account. HUGE credit goes to the users of LP101. I'm favoring the PDF conversions so you can be sure that they print 1:1. While I was at it, I went ahead and collected every pick template image and PDF that I could find anywhere on the internet. If you want the other 350 MB of blurry, skewed photos of picks next to rulers, then just contact me.

LP101 Bundle

LP101 Bundle #2

The Open Pick Project

CAD Drawings by Schuyler Towne

Toner Transfer Templates

This is the one that I use for making a basic pick set. I print on glossy magazine paper and transfer the toner to the steel using three parts acetone diluted with one part water. Alternatively, nail polish remover will work without dilution.

Want something added? Contact /u/naswek on reddit or the LPU Discord channel.