Glossary of common locksport vernacular.

BOK - "Bottom of Keyway." Picking with an "L"-shaped wrench from the bottom of the keyway.

CL - "Challenge Lock." A pillar of the locksport community. CLs are locks custom-pinned to be difficult or fun to pick and are shared between pickers. r/lockpicking Challenge Lock Requirements

CW - "Clockwise." Referring to the direction the picker applies rotational force with his or her tensioner.

CCW - "Counter Clockwise/Anti Clockwise" Locks sometimes behave differently when picked CW vs CCW. See Medeco: Assahat - Labs: Everything I Know About Medeco®

Cutaway - A lock that has been modified so you can see the inner workings while remaining operational. See Lock Pickers United: Throwback Thursday 2: Supallama makes a cutaway for Bobby Keyz

DD - "Disk Detainer." A lock technology that uses angled cuts on the key to rotate disks such that the lock opens. See Lock Pickers United: Mentorship Monday 11: Disk detainer locks.

KiK - "Key in Knob." A lock cylinder form factor. If you have a crappy, hollow doorknob and your lock cylinder wiggles, then it's likely a KiK.

LFIC - "Large Format Interchangeable Core." Not interoperable between manufacturers, but still has two shear lines. LFIC are easier to repin than SFIC.

LOTO - "Lock Out Tag Out." Used in industry to "lock out" a piece of equipment so it can not be energized while your head is inside. They typically not physically strong but usually have moderate security cores in them and are typically quite cheap compared to their hardened steel counterparts. The Master 410 is one of the more common LOTOs used in locksport.

MTL - "Mul-T-Lock." A manufacturer of dimple locks that employ PiP. See: Datagram Mul-T-Lock: Design and Security

PiP - "Pin-in-Pin." A style of pin that features a skinny "inner pin" that slides around inside the larger, hollow "outer pin". See: MTL

PP - "Progressive Pinning." A method for learning a new lock where all but one pin or slider are removed and the picker slowly adds them back in one at a time. Progressive pinning allows the picker to isolate the feedback from a new mechanism.

Rattle - You turned your Master 410 core 180 degrees after picking. Without the key present to keep the pins in place, they fall out of the core and into the hollow, plastic body. Welcome to the club. The lock is plastic featuring clamshell construction, so a determined picker can cut the body open, replace the pins, and glue the lock shut.

SB - "Silver Bullet." A DD pick designed by Huxleypig

SFIC - "Small Format Interchangeable Core." Another form factor that allows locks to accept cylinders from many manufacturers. SFIC locks have two shear lines with at least three pins per stack. This allows two keys to provide different functions. See: Matt Blaze Notes on SFIC (Best) Interchangeable Core Locks

SPP - "Single Pin Picking." Picking a lock by deliberately manipulating one pin at a time. The opposite of raking.

TOK - "Top of Keyway." Applying tension from the top of the keyway. TOK tension gives the picker more room to pick from, and it allows greater control over and feedback from the core.

TOOOL - "The Open Organization Of Lockpickers" A locksport organization with local chapters all over the world. You can find a local chapter or start your own at:

Wiper Insert - Flat strips of steel scavanged from automobile windshield wipers. They are often used to make BOK wrenches and picks.

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